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Winter Blues
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In with the NEW!!

It's so fun to have new things!! New crayons with all the colors of spring!!  Crisp new papers to write or color on!  And who couldn't use some new friends???  We have welcomed so many new families and feel so truly blessed that we continue to be entrusted with your most precious gifts!!  We cannot thank you enough.

Also, we have some new staff at our Pod!  Joining us are Ms. Amanda, Ms. Lauren, and Ms. Caitlyn!  The kids are enjoying the new ideas coming in and we can't wait for our new work to be hanging all around!

Winter Blues

Winter...winter...go away!!!  Bring some SPRING the Pod's way!!

Oh my Goodness the white stuff outside is just beautiful when it first falls, but that was December and we are mid February and we are all just over it!  Our lil Peas want to run outside and get some fresh air in our open play yard!!  While we have all managed to make the best of Mother Nature's fury and have done many fabulous wintery projects, we are looking to move forward to spring.  

We've painted with ice, we've become polar bear cubs, we've made fluffy snow bears and some of us even look like polar cubs when all of our outer layers and coats are on!

Let's catch up!

A new year brings new beginnings!!  Welcome to our pod and Happy 2013.  We hope that this year finds all of our local families well and healthy and may it continue throughout the year!!  

Our little Peas have been soooooo busy that we forgot to blog about all the cool things happening at Peas in a Pod!  So here's a rundown for your enjoyment. . . 

In November, our children focused the month on practicing kindness towards their friends and sharing.  I must say, our Peas pulled off the politeness without a hitch!

Veteran's Day & MultiCulturalism

Ni-Hao. . .Buenos Dias. . . Haku. . . and Hello to all our Pea families and friends!  Our little Peas were very busy this week learning so much!  Monday was a great way to begin by getting our party started with Veteran's Day!  Our craft soldiers did everyone proud and the children learned a new Patriotic song!  

Tuesday began the real celebration as we all learned a little something from everyone! It is such a wonderful thing to be able to embrace different cultures through the eyes of children!  They are so accepting of one another.  A HUGE thank you to the parents who contributed their cultural traditions, stories, family histories, craft projects and yummy treats!  The kids . . . and the adults. . . thoroughly enjoyed them!!  How lucky are we to have such diverse and sweet families???

Camp Peas was a HUGE success!

Well Camp Peas week went over well with the our little campers!  The children enjoyed learning about nature, camping safety and having fun!  So many projects went home this week - I don't think there's a refrigerator big enough to fit them all! 
Our littlest Peas made beautiful nature paintings using sticks, leaves and rocks and colors found in nature.  They worked really hard at learning some important camping words in spanish and some more words in sign language too!

Post-storm update

A HUGE thank you to all who called and checked in on our little school!  We are just fine!  A few issues, but nothing in comparison to what has happened to some of our neighbors in Colonia and neighboring towns.  Our hearts go out to all those who have suffered loss and damages.
Halloween will be celebrated on Monday for all of our little ghouls and goblins.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's fabulous costumes!!

This week at the Pod....

Our Pea Babies are certainly Busy...buzzing all around building their "Bb" vocabulary!! This week we would like to thank Ms. Nicole for completing her first week of teaching our Pre-K 4 class!!  We've seen lots of great artwork and projects proudly bring displayed around our rooms.  This week is also about FAMILY and that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Here at our Peapod, it is our hope that when you come in a stranger, you will leave as part of our family.

Welcome to our Pod!!!

WOW yesterday was such an exciting day with all of our new little Peas!!  With hugs and smiles, we welcomed Daniel, Sophia, Emma, Melinda, Makai, Michael, and James!!  Today, we welcome Matthew, Carmine, and Derrek!!!  Tomorrow we will welcome Dean and Celeste!!!  So exciting to see all the children making new friends and learning new things!!!  Welcome to our Pea Pod Kids....

The boys and girls have been checking out our pumpkin patch to see what's growing!  Here's to hoping they all pop up in time to make some jack-o-lanterns!

First Day Jitters

Well, it's that time of year again.  Our new arrivals to the Pea pod are getting ready for their debut at school!!  How exciting for them, but I don't think they get it yet??!!  All this time they have been excitedly talking about their "big kid" school and then the panic hits in the night before...."Oh my goodness!!  I am going to BIG KID'S SCHOOL!!!!" and the tears start rolling...

This week at the Pod, we are working with our families to help alleviate the stress of these jitters.

Olympians all around us!!

Can you even begin to imagine just how many Gold Medals we were able to give out as the Peas in a Pod Summer Olympics took place this week!!  Our children ran relay races all "around London", played basketball and learned about Football and Soccer!  Everyone was a winner at our Summer Games!!
The children are getting their jr. explorer gear ready for next week. . . it's World of Bugs week at the Pod!  Our children will be learning about all the different bugs that crawl and those that fly.  Can't wait to see all the buggy things we can do!!
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