Here's what the Peas are all about....  
My story is simple ~ It doesn’t start with a famous degree from a prestigious institute or as a Head Master of a ritzy school.  Instead, my story starts with the great women in my family who worked and cared their ways through life.  My mom and grandmother were the caregivers of the family and everything was done with love.  This formula of theirs represents everything my life has become. 
Growing up with the sounds of children laughing, warm hugs and encouraging words; caring for our little precious babies was as natural as breathing for me.  I, officially, began my career in child care in 2004, after having my youngest son at just 28 weeks.  He was so tiny and fragile that I couldn’t bear leaving him in the care of strangers.  It took me a year to get up the courage to show up at a school and ask for care – and a job!   What began as a 25 hour a week “helper” position in an infant classroom turned into me accepting the position of Director of a charity school in Woodbridge.  I held this position for four years, and our little school had a high enrollment, successful summer camp program and transportation system. 
Long hours, hard work and dedication to the children and families that we served were what we did each day.  
Whenever someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, there was only one answer, “A Mommy!”  The chance that God would bless my life with children of my own gave me the foundation to build my life’s journey into child care.  
In 1992 until the year 2000 I operated as Ms. B’s Playhouse which was an in-home day care that provided care to children in the Woodbridge, NJ community.  I was approved by Catholic Charities as a home provider and took my responsibilities very seriously.  When my mother became ill, it was the natural care giver in me, that moved to Plano, TX to provide relieve to her.  It was in TX that I started Positively Kids in-home day care from 2000 until 2005.  Once again, I was truly blessed by becoming a grandmother and moved back to NJ to care for my grandson.  When he became the age to introduce socialization skills, he was enrolled in a child development center in Woodbridge. 
 Within weeks, I was employed there as well.  I cared for toddler children and provided a safe place for them to learn, explore and grow until 2008.  Recently, I began Peas in a Pod Play ‘n Learn with my former Director, Dana Gormanly.  It is an in-home day care that is Coordinated Childcare approved.   

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